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Our Services

Interior Design Factory Specializes In :  interior design concept consultation, space planning and floor layout plan proposal, site supervision audit, designing and furnishing consultation and project management.

✓ Free Quotation

✓ Free Defect Checking

✓ Free Site Measurement

✓ Free Design Consultation

✓ 2 Years Warranty

How We Work :

Step 1 - Consultation/ Quotation.

Meeting up with our design consultant, providing your floor-plan and your requirements for the renovation. The meeting can be done at both showrooms or a site visit to your home.

Step 2 - Design & Space Planning.

Our design consultant will advise you on your preferred design and space planning

if your preferred design is suitable or fit for the house layout. At this time, our design consultant can come up with construction documents & 2D drawings to give you a better idea.

Step 3 - Confirmation.

Once both parties have come to a confirmation of the preferred design and renovation to be done, an agreement is signed between both parties to start the renovation.

Step 4 - Materials Selection.

Choosing your preferred styles and materials for your renovation and the design consultant will provide 3D Drawings with the chosen materials to give you a better view and expected results from the renovation.

Step 5 - Commencement Of Work.

The design consultant will apply for relevant permits in HDB/ Condominium management and seek approval from the relevant authorities to start the renovation.

Step 6 - Handover.

Once the renovation is done, the design consultant will handover to the owner with a new look to their home!

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